Kieran O’Connor brings together two ends of a spectrum; the precision of a chartered design engineer and the fluidity of a martial arts and fitness expert.

He has always been intrigued by science and how things work: as soon as he was old enough to pick up tools, he would strip things apart and reassemble them. A number of pivotal moments led him to blending western science and eastern wisdom. In his later years, his curiosity about the workings of the mind/body connection took him to all corners of the earth. His journey began with a desire to escape the discomfort, confusion and frustration of working harder only to feel like he was going backwards despite all his best efforts. As he stripped back his thinking to the most basic concepts and principles that linked both east and west, the simple effectiveness of leverage became more apparent. He began to understand how he could tap into and harness his habitual nature.  As he ‘learned how to learn’ Kieran experienced a fundamental shift in his mindset and found his life changing, he was enjoying each day to the full more frequently. He is enthusiastic and excited about sharing what he’s discovered so that people can also discover their natural ability to shift their mindset when they tap into the basic mechanisms of the mind.


BEng Hons MIEE CEng FSEng

Mind & Body Modalities:
Meditation Instructor
NLP Practitioner
3D Mind Practitioner
PSYCH-K – Advanced Practitioner
Faster EFT – Practitioner Level 1
Radical Honesty (Trainer in training)
Tantra bodyworker – Level 2

The Little Book of Big Leverage
The One Percent Improvement Mindset (Release date January 9th 2020)

The Leverage Activation System