Chapter 3.3 – While You Sleep – Marty Lobdell’s Footage

The ‘While You Sleep’ aspect of Chapter 3.3 helps share findings on how high quality rest applied during our waking day assists with the quality of sleep we experience. You may have had a life experience where you were too tired to sleep?

‘Study Less Study Smart’ is a talk (and also a book) by Marty Lobdell who taught Psychology at Pierce College in Washington State for 40 years. He shares a whole array of observations to assist studying.

The most useful is a study completed by the University of Michigan. The students were requested to take note of the time they were about to start their study session and then note what time they felt their concentration ability drop off. The results revealed it was typically 25 to 30 minutes.

Marty shares this and lots more observations which can assist us see how we can strike a balance between working hard and also having high quality rest.