Experience Number 1 – Leverage Footage

The Little Book of Big Leverage is designed to balance up the information provided with experiences to assist in engaging the reader and their subconscious mind.

Practical examples can really help us grasp and understand concepts. The example below (Which is experience 1 in the book) helped me see the practical application of leverage in a very clear and enjoyable way and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Here, Walter ‘Wally’ Wallington shows the mechanical advantage that levers can provide. Wally, a retired US construction worker, was curious about how ancient civilisations were able to move stones that were so massive, heavy and cumbersome that they’d even present a challenge to today’s technology.

Wally’s website gives some of his ideas about how leverage allows a single person to move massive loads. The simplicity of his ideas is just as impressive as the loads he moves single-handedly. It’s quite possible that such methods were used by our ancestors when they constructed such impressive landmarks as England’s Stonehenge.