Why Focus on the Fulcrum?

1. The elusive obvious is that if we do a bit more of what works for us and a bit less of what doesn’t each day, we will tip our quality of life in favour of more enjoyment.

2. Leverage is a fundamental concept which is around us each and every day. Every time you stand up from a sitting position your knees become a fulcrum point. The human body is made up of many fulcrum points.

3. When someone has something in their life that is not working for them, they usually think the trigger is the cause. That is a mistake:.if the oil light comes on in your car you wouldn’t take it to a garage to take the bulb out, would you? You would have them check if the oil is a genuine issue or not. Leverage allows us to understand how things work which assists in finding the most natural and effective solution.

4. Generally when people experience problems compounding over time, their automatic habit is to try harder and force themselves to find a solution. This can be useful sometimes but is often more of a reaction than an effective response. It may alleviate a symptom in the short-term but might lead to a longer term predicament. Leverage allows a solution to emerge which is less based on force and more based on flow. That’s because leverage works to remove the resistance that was actually causing the problem.

5. The compound effect of these repeated forced reactions to problems is fatigue. The mind and body begin to lose clarity when we use these forced reactions as our default. When leverage is introduced lots of small and incremental improvements can be made that bring back clarity. Stress and lack of clarity affects how we make decisions and the quality of those decisions, so clarity of mind is worth investing in.

6. As Einstein’s quote tells us we automatically tend to apply the same thinking out of habit or because we are so fatigued that we are not seeing things as clearly as we would like to. Finding the Fulcrum point automatically changes our thinking as conceptual awareness gives a clearer way to separate cause from effect.

7. Leverage helps us interrupt the downward spiral of making choices when fatigued. When a fulcrum point is discovered a measure of control becomes available. Then we can begin to tip the balance back in our own favour, doing more of what works for us and less of what doesn’t each and every day.