Mind Alignment

What is mind alignment… and why bother?

Well, interestingly, Mind Alignment is something that you have no doubt experienced many times in your life yet maybe not been consciously aware of it happening as it might have felt so natural to you.

Have you ever tried desperately to remember something like a person’s name and the harder you tried, the more it eluded you? Then later when you gave up trying, up the name pops as if out of nowhere? Well the moment it popped up, that’s just one example of when your mind was in full alignment.

The theory….

Allow me share the following theory before moving onto some more practical discussion:
There is an understanding that when the both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are in alignment, we find life very simple, easy and even what can even be described as a flow state.

This is often observable in children when playing when they seem to lose all track of time. In adults , this can be where they for example find themselves getting lost in a movie which they are really enjoying, in a favorite song or piece of music. It can even help describe the experience when a person ‘losses themselves’ into another person during their most intimate love making.

What is maybe useful to also see is the opposite end of the scale. This can be where life feels like a person is struggling so much that they feel they are constantly fighting again the tide. They may so exhausted energetically that they feel every step forward then has two steps back. You may have experienced times yourself where your ‘body battery’ was so run down that you felt no level of sleep alone could remove this fatigue?

Please don’t despair. There is a way to shift life where there is less stress, strain and struggle and more fun, fulfilment and flow. And, it’s so obvious you will maybe even dismiss it’s simplicity at least initially.

“You can never solve a problem from the same mindset with which it was created.” ~ Albert Einstein

I believe Albert was giving us a hint with his quote. I imagine he was indicating that our thinking is very much based on the following illusions or what I like to call ‘Modern Day Mind Messes’:

Mind Mess 1 – The harder we try, the better the solution
Mind Mess 2 – The solution must be more complex than the problem
Mind Mess 3 – Problems in themselves are somehow ‘problematic’

With just one of these Mind Messes at work in a person’s mind, they would naturally and logically find life difficult. With two, they would feel drained to a degree. With all three, they would naturally find stress, strain and struggle a constant life condition.

You might ask ‘Well, how does this help me. I have a job to get done, bills to pay and people who rely on me?”

The practical part…

Modern life has us all so busy that we are so often making decisions with a mind that is already so fatigued that the quality of the choices and decisions is well below what is optimal for us.
I’m sure would you logically agree that we are better at finding solutions when we have a relaxed, rested and reinvigorated mind?

But how can we reduce… or even better… avoid the fatigue you may ask?

Well, this is where alignment starts to come into play.

You could imagine your conscious mind and subconscious mind to be like two mechanical cogs that work seamlessly as a team and turn together when well aligned but create all kinds of difficulties when they aren’t. This idea in itself aligns well with how science describes human thinking with the term ‘cognitions’.

Smoother thinking…

Well, the one thing that really helps align the cogs and cognitions is the lubrication oil that allows the conscious and subconscious mind to synchronize better and work smoother.

This lubrication can be in the form of a very simple idea that when we make small incremental improvements, bit by bit, day by day, mind alignment naturally comes about as we make for higher quality options, decisions and solutions from a rested and more efficient mind.
With small incremental improvements, we get to experience much less stress, strain and struggle and much for fun, flow and fulfillment. Note however, this is not to say that with incremental improvements we will experience a problem free life. We will still find problems alright.

1. The big problems generally become smaller.
2. Problems shift into solutions much more quickly and easier.
3. Lots of problems now feel more like genuine opportunities.

You might ask if small incremental improvements are alone what creates alignment? Well, in my opinion no!! However there are ideas I can share with you that work for you so much better when they in themselves are incrementally applied into your daily life.

What I do want to emphasize is that as much as I enjoy coaching, I do not want to be your or anyone else’s coach. I am way to busy with so many projects for the foreseeable future. What I really want is for people to feel that Mind Alignment is a practical, simple and effective way to become their own coach. Sure, if there is something in particular I can assist you with quickly and efficiently, then fantastic. But I truly want you to feel that you are so well coached by your own ‘inner coach’ by applying Mind alignment that you hardly ever feel the need to. A thousand thanks to you for reading this far and opening yourself to the idea of Mind Alignment.